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Friday, November 8, 2013

Join me! Sensory Exercise #2 Describe the Best or Worst Place

This writing exercise is meant to to help jog the muscles.
Writing is after all, a muscle.
So, use it.

Today I am inviting readers to write.
Please describe the best or worst place you've ever been to.
Incorporate all the senses.

Get us there.
Ready. Set. Go!

I'll write back with my version.
Please post yours :)

Here is my version...

A blood orange sky.
A single engine plane.

Humidity blankets
the wet smell of land.
Pure. Lush. Green.

I step onto the tarmac.
Lulled right in...
blue Hyacinth McCaw’s announce
I’ve arrived.

Night falls.
Rain boots squish in the mud.
A looming presence
foreboding creatures.
My flashlight falls
onto red eyes set ablaze.
Guttural barks echo
through waterways.
Distinct and un-dog like;

I'm in God's country.
Where you're advised to tread lightly.
Here. In the world’s largest wetlands;
Brazil’s, Pantanal.

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