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Thursday, September 14, 2017

CREATE and leave your TROUBLES BEHIND....

Ok, it's been awhile. A long while. I won't pretend.
I am thrilled to back on the horse and giving myself full permission to create again.

It's something I am actually thinking about a lot these days.  

My new second grade class is now in full swing.  Today officially marks one week that we have been second grading together and I am already hearing myself repeat the same mantra over and over---

I am using this as fuel not only to allow my own artist to play, but moreover, to remind my kiddos to be overly protective of their play time- of their time to imagine, of their time to dream and to create.

I don't believe that taking away their playtime is the road to getting kids to behave.
I believe the opposite- if you want an engaged, productive and vibrant group of happy students,  and I want to reinforce, HAPPY-then you have to allow for creativity- it must be intentionally planned and allotted for and you must absolutely bottom line insist that they too, become stealth guardians of their "play"  time.