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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back in the Saddle Not The Wheel.

Whew.  What a ride.

Holidays, family in Brazil, a cruise ship, a return to the classroom, and a giant hamster wheel made for one busy mind. I had all the excuses and reasons to opt of out of working on my picture book manuscripts.  Even my blog took a back seat to the hamster wheel that is my inner chatter.

Self-defeating? Indeed.
Today I read a great article in the SCBWI bulletin by Donna Gephart titled, Stop This Hamster Wheel and read a couple of my favorite blogs. Sharon Creech included.
I could bear the guilt no longer.
I packed up the wheel and got back in the saddle,
here and now.

Sitting in stillness.
Closing my eyes and letting it, the inner chatter go.
Goodbye wheel.

Setting my intention back to bigger wheels...
the wheels that churn out my dreams.

Feels good. Real good.

Try stepping off your own hamster wheel today.
Take one giant baby step towards your goals.
C'mon you can do it!